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Do you have a dog that drools and slobbers? You need a dog Snood from The Snood Factory! You know what a hassle it can be to keep the long hair and long ears out of food and water bowls, a Snood Factory Dog Snood will take care of that! They don’t care, they love to romp and get dirty, that’s why Dog Snoods are so handy! YOU need some Dog Snoods for your dog!

Dog Snoods

Dog Snood is a “must have” garment for the serious dog owner. If you show your dogs, especially those with long hair and/or long ears, outfit them with one of our hand-made Dog Snoods to keep their head area clean until they are ready to show. See the Snood Factory photo library for an idea of what our Dog Snoods look like in everyday use, or see the Dog Snoods in our store for some more Dog Snood designs. Our Dog Snoods are designed for all breeds, and come in three main sizes: smallmedium, and large.

The Dog Snood keeps the dog’s ears from falling into the water bowl, or from getting matted when the dog eats. As dogs tend to get close and curl up when they are eating, and certainly don’t conform to our own table manners, they tend to get their hair mixed with their food, which is where our Dog Snood comes in. Also, as many owners will testify, dogs love to run around and explore, with their perfectly groomed hair often taking the brunt, with burrs and weeds and seed pods getting tangled up in their grooming.

Raincoats / Rainsuits

A new development that we have been working on is the Raincoat and Rainsuits. The Raincoats and Rainsuits come in water-resistant and water-proof fabrics and in a whole variety of colors. The Raincoats literally sit on top of the dog and are held underneath the belly with a velcro tab. The Rainsuits cover the dog’s body and their legs, and like the Raincoat it has velcro attachment tabs underneath. The raincoat is also available in a polar fleece version.


P-wraps are designed with male dogs in mind, to hold their long hair against their body, so that they don’t urinate on their coats (some male dogs aren’t too particular about their toiletry habits). Our P-wraps have four straps, one that fastens the P-wrap around the neck and three that attach around the chest and body to keep the P-wrap firmly in place.

Photo Library

We ask anyone who has purchased one of our snoodsraincoatsp-wraps, or Bellybands to take pictures and send to below Email