Dog Raincoats

Dog Raincoat

How Much Are Your Raincoats?

Our Raincoats are made from strong, durable, machine-washable, water-resistant nylon (black, khaki and olive coloring is water-proof). Our Raincoats are hand-made and designed to cover as much of the exposed upper body, approximately 95% is protected from the elements. The Raincoat takes precise seamstressing skills and we believe that our starting price of $29.95 per Raincoat for the small, $39.95 for the medium, and $49.95 for the large, will leave you happy. Water-proof fabrics are an extra
$10.00. Discounts for Raincoats come with bulk purchases.

The Rainsuits start at $39.95 for the small, $49.95 for the medium and $59.95 for the large size, with an extra $10.00 on each size for water-proof version.

If you want to see some more raincoats, aside from those pictured on this
page, try our second raincoat page for examples that we have pictures of.

Try our new Measurement Chart to find out what you need to measure for the raincoat (length “A“). While this is not a requirement it will help us determine the right size for your raincoat.

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