What are P-wraps?

P-wraps are designed with male dogs in mind, to hold their long hair against their body, so that they don’t urinate on their coats (some male dogs aren’t too particular about their toiletry habits). Our P-wraps have four straps, one that fastens the P-wrap around the neck and three that attach around the chest and body to keep the P-wrap firmly in place.

How Much Are Your P-wraps?

Our P-wraps are made from strong, durable, machine-washable, water-resistant nylon (khaki color is water-proof), with a cloth lining. The P-wrap takes precise seamstressing skills and we believe that this level of workmanship warrants a price of $39.95 for the P-wrap, and $49.95 for the water-proof versions. Discounts for P-wraps are available with bulk purchases.

Examples of P-Wraps

See our second page of P-Wraps for examples that we do not have the room on this page to show. These also include the P-Wraps w/ Chaps.

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