Dog Snoods

What Are Snoods?

A Dog Snood is a covering for the neck, head, and ears. Our Dog Snoods are made from a variety of materials, which you can choose from. Our Dog Snoods are designed and hand-made by us, that is a guarantee. The Dog Snoods have a ribbing band on each end to hold them firmly to the dog’s head and neck, keeping their hair clean from dirt, food, and water, and to prevent the Dog Snood from riding further up the next or over the head.

How Much Are Your Dog Snoods?

We feel this level of seamstressing skills warrants a price of $9.95 for small, $12.95 for medium, and $19.95 for large for our Dog Snoods. You will not be disappointed. Please see our library for examples of happy customers who now use our Dog Snoods. Discounts for Dog Snoods come with bulk purchases. We try to find unique patterns and many of the Dog Snoods are limited runs.

We have recently changed the format of our snood pages, because the page was simply getting too large. Now it is split into several pages, defined by the pattern, CLICK ON one of these links to see each pattern type:

Christmas Patterns
These are Christmas and holiday patterns specifically for the fun and happy time of Christmas!
Sweater Knits
These are sweater material snoods, some tartans included (but not in the checked
patterns below.
Flannel Patterns
These are flannel material snoods, with a variety of patterns.
Waterproof Snoods
These are water-proof and water-resistant material snoods, the same materials
that we use for the raincoats.
Checked Patterns
Standard checked patterns, this also includes tartans and diagonal
checked patterns.
Glitter Patterns
The Glitter patterns are shiny and are a little more stretchy that normal
material. They aren’t gaudy or too flashy though, they do however make an impression!
Polar Fleece Patterns
These soft, warm, and cuddly Polar Fleece materials are wonderful to use as
snoods. Snug fitting and warm they will keep your dog warm as well as protect
their head, hair and ears.
Satin Patterns
We use the word Satin to describe these but some of these are just man-made materials that feel soft and silky. They are fine materials and make good snoods; don’t be fooled though, they’re not just for show.
Standard Patterns
Basically every other pattern that isn’t mentioned above (quite a few!). Take
your time and browse through here, we add new ones all the time.

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